Meet Our Director of Inventory Sales: Mike McCune


The AvAir team is looking forward to connecting with you at this weekend’s ACPC – Air Carriers Purchasing Conference Inc. show in San Diego! Prior to the show, we want to introduce you to our Director of Inventory Sales, Mike McCune…

• When Mike isn’t managing AvAir’s booming inventory, he can be found on the racetrack in his 1974 Mach I Ford Mustang. Mike began drag racing in high school in 1975.

• At any given time, Mike is managing a stock of over 26 MILLION parts in AvAir’s climate controlled storage facilities.

• The racetrack isn’t the only place you can catch Mike speeding. Mike has AvAir’s average client response time down to 20 seconds to keep you flying higher, longer.

Ready to connect with Mike and our team? Shoot us a note prior to this weekend’s show at