Month: June 2014

The Walls of AvAir’s New Flagship Facility Soar 40 Feet High


Over a period of eight days, our new flagship headquarters gained a stunning architectural profile as its concrete wall panels, each weighing 60,000 pounds, rose 40 feet into the air above our new 6-acre campus in Chandler, AZ.

“It is really exciting to see the project go from a two dimensional set of plans to a huge building right in front of you,” says AvAir Director of Operations Tyler Botthof. “To put the size of the building into perspective, it’s twice as high and three times as long as the Wright brothers’ first powered airplane flight, which Orville piloted at an altitude of 20 feet and covered a distance of 120 feet before landing.”


AvAir Sponsors CCMA Conference

As a sponsor of the recent 102nd CCMA Conference (Aeronautical Materials Buyers Committee) held by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), AvAir reached out to more than 40 airlines from Latin America and the Caribbean in this successful four-day event.