Meet Our Director of Business Development Europe: Fjalar Scott


The AvAir team is looking forward to connecting with you at MRO Middle East on Tuesday, Jan. 23 and Wednesday, Jan. 24. Prior to the show, we want to introduce you to our Director of Business Development Europe, Fjalar Scott…

Fjalar honed his skills as an airline repair supervisor and buyer before reaching new heights with the team at AvAir.

Fjalar fulfills his need for speed even when off the clock, and whether traveling by bike, car or airplane alongside his family, he’s always on the hunt for the next adrenaline-inducing adventure.

AvAir continues to deliver top-quality aircraft solutions for international clients, and Fjalar leads the charge, dedicating himself to expanding AvAir’s footprint across Europe and beyond.

Ready to connect with Fjalar and our team? Shoot us a note prior to this weekend’s show at Fjalar.Scott@AvAir.Aero.