Executives of AvAir, World’s #2 Aircraft Parts Supplier, Featured on Fox News

With the greater Phoenix area in an excessive heat warning throughout June, Sky Harbor International Airport cancelled more than 40 flights operated by regional jets due to the high temperatures.

“It’s very common that a company like AvAir will be called on to help support with replacement units in these high heat conditions,” said AvAir Vice President Kevin Lenz, joined by AvAir President Mike Bianco.

Air becomes less dense as temperatures rise, which can affect engine thrust and lift. Some planes are not certified beyond a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees. On the day of the cancelled flights, temperatures hit 119 degrees.

Fox 10 News visited AvAir, the world’s #2 ranked aircraft parts supplier to learn more about the heat’s effect on aircrafts, as well as spotlight the Arizona-based company.

With more than 5 million rotable and consumable components across 170,000 square feet in their Chandler headquarters, AvAir shared how they work to keep flights in motion all over the world.

Watch the full clip below.