AvAir Recognized as Top Supplier from ALTA

CHANDLER, Ariz. – AvAir, an inventory solutions provider for the aviation aftermarket, was awarded the top supplier in the ALTA CCMA 2022 Suppliers Assessment Survey from industry leaders.

Ths Suppliers Assessment is done with the purpose of sharing the views of airline executives to provide valuable feedback to suppliers to identify improvement opportunities. AvAir was ranked No. 1 – performing best in the industry.

“We are honored to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to serving our clients through this award,” said Mike Bianco, CEO of AvAir. “This award is meaningful since it is a result from our peers in the industry. We look forward to continuing to accomplish great things for the Aviation aftermarket this year and in the years to come.”

This award was announced during the ALTA CCMA & MRO conference held in Cartagena, Columbia on May 17. The conference is the premier annual maintenance and technical purchasing conference focused on four key industry pillars, – innovation, technology, efficiency and regulations.

The global coronavirus pandemic grounded practically the entire fleet of aircraft in the world, bringing new challenges to the maintenance areas and the purchasing relationships between airlines and suppliers. AvAir was not immune to the challenges but adapted and was agile and flexible to meet the needs of its clients and partnerships. Several strategic partnerships were finalized in 2021, notably, the ones with GE Aviation, Iberia Maintenance and HAECO all with the mission to better serve more than 3,100 clients worldwide. These partnerships also continued to support the more than 26 million in-stock rotable and consumable components that AvAir manages.

With an unmatched financial purchasing capability, AvAir looks to continue growing its inventory pool throughout this year and beyond.